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2024 ACRES Summer Camps: Registration Now Open!

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Introducing: ACRES Summer Camp Series: “Find YourSELf!” 

This summer, we are hosting a series of week-long CO-ED summer camps that focus on sports and the arts!

For children entering Grades 1 through Grade 8, each week two camps will be running simultaneously. With the variety of camps being offered all summer long, you’re encouraged to mix & match to explore as many different interests as possible, and “Find YourSELf!” 

SEL stand for “Social Emotional Learning.” Our summer camps are “SEL Infused,” meaning your child will develop their skills in sports/arts as well as develop as individuals. 


Summer Camps: Important Information 

  • All camps cost: $295.00 
    • Financial Assistance is available up to 85% of cost. 
  • All camps age breakdown: 
    • Grades 1 – 4 
    • Grades 5 – 8 
  • All camps go from 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday. 
  • Children will be required to bring a lunch everyday. 
  • Late fees: 
    • 1-15 minutes late: $15. 
    • 16-30 minutes late: $30.

Dates Sports & Rec Camps Arts & Culture Camps

Week 1 July 8 – July 12

Soccer Camp Art Camp
Week 2 July 15 – July 19 Flag Football Camp Arts Around The World
Week 3 July 22 – July 26 Lacrosse Camp Magic Camp
Week 4 July 29 – Aug. 2 Olympic Camp Art Camp
Week 5 Aug. 5 – Aug. 9 Flag Football Camp Musical Theatre Camp
Week 6 Aug. 12 – Aug. 16 Soccer Camp Musical Theatre Camp

What is Kenan Acres?

Acres stands for Arts, Culture, Recreation, Education, & Sports. The Kenan Center has been providing programs for the community for over 50 years. Today, programs like these are more important than ever.

After a few years of worldwide isolation, there is a growing need to reconnect with our local communities. Children and adults alike need new ways to get out of their homes and explore what their communities can offer them, and vice versa!

The Kenan Center in Lockport has been hard at work building programs to provide these opportunities to the community, and the possibilities are endless! Our newest project, Kenan Acres, is designed to bring Arts, Culture, Recreation, Education, and Sports to everyone on our expansive 25-acre community campus.

With many programs being rolled out year-round, people learn new sports, explore new hobbies, and meet new people at the Kenan Center! There’s something for everyone, so start exploring!

Kenan’s Commitment to Financial Assistance

The Kenan Center firmly believes in the universal right to participate in programs designed to aid in their development, and that economic circumstances should not be a barrier to involvement. It is our commitment to ensuring everyone, regardless of their socio-economic boundaries, has the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and grow through our programs.

We understand that the costs associated with participation can be significant and prohibitive for some families and individuals. In light of this, we are dedicated to providing scholarships for those in need, aimed at making our offerings accessible to all, irrespective of income level.

Our scholarship program is a testament to our belief in equity, community, and the belief that our offerings can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals and the community as a whole. We pledge to continually seek, allocate, and provide resources that ensure broad participation. We promise transparency in our scholarship application process, with sensitivity and respect towards those seeking aid. In conclusion, our commitment is to inclusivity and empowerment. We believe in breaking down economic barriers and creating a community where everyone can participate, learn, grow, and enjoy the benefits that our programs offer.

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